We show the person behind the white coat.

Top Doctors of America exists to provide visibility, support, and community to physicians and adjacent professionals, especially those in private practice.

We do so by creating robust SEO-optimized profiles for Doctors, showcasing their work, human side, and practice. Never for a fee.


How It Works

There is no fee for any doctor or medical professional to be featured. We are against pay-for-feature sites, and do not support them. 

Instead, we have the following requirements to be featured:


We host an interview with a selected Doctor


They must have a 4.5 star rating on Google


They must have 30+ reviews on Google


They must have an existing online presence

We are consistently fine-tuning the platform, please expect improvements at evert step of the process.

Roadmap for Top Doctors of America

Phase 1: Creation and Conversation
In this phase of Top Doctors, the goal is to feature and have conversations with 100+ medical providers in the US, and understand what they’re looking for in support and community – while streamlining the site to make it easier for consumers to learn more about them.

Phase 2: “Doctors Anonymous”
Focusing on owners and operators of medical practices, Doctors Anonymous aims to provide anonymous insights and challenges (from existing medical entrepreneurs) around the journey of growing a successful private practice.

Phase 3: Industry Data & Reports
In this phase of Top Doctors, our goal is to provide free industry benchmark data, to help practice owners get insights on revenue drivers, industry trends, and best practices. 

We will never sell industry reports, they will be available for free. 

Phase 4: Providing Relevant Services
With 15+ years of existing experience across marketing for tech startups, VC-backed companies, and more, we will offer relevant growth services for those private practice owners who desire it.

Letter from the Founder

Moby Hayat, Founder

My father went to King Edwards Medical School in Lahore, where I was born and raised. For the first 18 years of my life, I had my eyes set on entering the medical space.

Life took me in a different direction – instead of medical school, I decided that business was the place for me. With my career starting at a Fortune50 company, and education at McCombs Business school, I’ve been able work with  startups around the world.

This is me getting back to my father’s industry, and taking all I’ve learned in the US about community, marketing, and business.

The mission of Top Doctors is to provide a space where doctors can get visibility, support, and community.

I hope you can join us.

“Moby makes the impossible happen”

Elijah May

Elijah May

CEO, The Experience Firm

Apply to be Featured in Top Doctors

Top Doctors of America is currently application-or-nomination-only, and is NOT a paid service. This is not a PR play. We only accept doctors that have met the criteria of being professional, respected, and experienced providers.



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